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1841 Ygnacio Valley Road, Walnut Creek, CA, 94598, US

Phone: (925) 944-1006


Walnut Creek's Best Chinese Dining Experience
The family owned and operated East Ocean Seafood Restaurant offers an elegant and comfortable family-oriented atmosphere with delicious Hong Kong style dishes.

It's not just food to us
The East Ocean family has been serving the Bay Area for over 30 years. Our goal is to provide efficient service and produce tasty traditional-style Chinese cuisine with fresh ingredients for our diners.


i eat here a lot more than id like but its a fan/fam favorite
we normally order things that arent popular and its been pretty good.
service is a hit or miss. sometimes you get an attentive person sometimes you dont
dim sum time is busy unless you get there at 1030

— M E.

This place brings back memories when I use to go get dim sum with my family back in the day. This place is definitely out of the way for me but I'm willing to make the drive.

I ordered the usual staples: pork spareribs, hargow, siu mai, and chicken feet. I do not eat chicken feet. I've tried many times and they are unappealing to me. This is the only place where I will and want to eat the chicken feet.

Been here twice and no pictures because I just want to get to eating! Lol

I usually come here right before noon on Saturdays. Very little wait time. I was seated right away. The moment I sat down, all the carts made their way to me. I love how they still do carts as other places I've been have resorted to menu orders only. It's nostalgic to me to be able to point at what you want to eat. They do still offer a menu for you to order special items and oddly enough, a sushi menu too!

— Cat N.

Dim sum-- a perfect 10!
Service -10!
Ambience: got there at 10:00 AM Sunday morning and by the time it was 11AM , placed was packed and happy patrons. Food brings people together.

Can't wait to get back to Bay Area and hit up East Ocean

— Del P.

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