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520 Main Street, Pleasanton, CA, 94566, US

Phone: (925) 399-5648

Mobile: (925) 399-5648


Located in downtown Pleasanton, California, Prim is a women's clothing & accessories boutique offering amazing finds at affordable prices. We believe in not only providing our customers with an amazing wardrobe, but with an experience of fun, friendly customer service and styling expertise based on years of professional knowledge. Everything in store and online is handpicked by the store's owner, Marissa, giving it a profoundly unique sense of style {and Marissa really knows her fashion!}. We also carry an array of locally handmade products, and dedicate ourselves to finding products made in the USA to support local economy and high quality merchandisers.


Loved our first but NOT our last visit to Prim! I went in with the attention of getting my two hats worked on at the new hat bar....well I was not disappointed and even bought a new hat!!! I can't wait to wear it! We had the best time and did not feel pressured at all...Marissa the owner helped design my two hats and I couldn't be happier! We also found some great tops.

We found out about Prim on Instagram and my only regret is that I didn't visit sooner! I read some of the comments and I was a bit hesitant to visit as folks mention the staff was rude and/or the prices....well I don't know where they shopped because The entire staff was extremely helpful and gave their honest opinions when we tried items on. The energy was super upbeat!! As far as prices, some items were on the high end side but it's quality products and you get what you pay motto is quality over quantity and this boutique is definitely quality. I also found items that were comparable to other boutiques I have shopped at. These prices are no different than if you went to shop at Nordstrom or Bloomingdale's and I prefer to shop small business!

Thank you Marissa and Stevie for making our shopping experience a great one!

— Robyn B.

I love this store and it's staff, they are all so friendly and helpful. They have such a cool variety of clothes and prices. I just started shopping here and am so disappointed I haven't gone in sooner. I have nothing but positive things to say about the store and staff, very welcoming and willing to help. A+ ladies!!

— Jessica B.

I love affordable boutiques. I always make it a point to visit and if I like something even if its slight more expensive I give it a go and purchase. I hate buying something and then going into work the next day to see some girl with the same dress. (true story)

We were here for a day trip and my husband knew I would love this store. I did! I was browsing and found a romper I liked. Immediately, a sales lady came over and offered to start a fitting room for me. I browsed around some more but didn't find anything else I liked. I walk over to the dressing room area and another sales lady was like "the rompers?" Yes. I went into one of the little dressing rooms while my husband sat on their comfy cough. The fitting room has a soft rug which was so nice on my bare feet. I did wish the curtain closed better though.

I saw that the romper I liked had a stain and brought it to the sales lady's attention. She went upstairs to find another in my size and then since it was wrinkled she steamed it for me. Also a surprise 25% off!

I had a great time and if I was in the area I would definitely visit again.

— Sarah C.

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